Binges, Self-Deception, and the Chevelle Car Window

A guest post from plant-based evangelist and Big Change alum Sue Boyles:

I’ve been thinking a lot about my junk food habit.

I liken it to the passenger window on the old Chevy Chevelle. One day I open that window and the damn thing won’t close. I try and try, but you end up having to dismantle the entire door panel to get the window back on the track. It’s a pain in the ass. And I am very aware of this window not working – for a few weeks.

Then one day I think – maybe it was a fluke, and I’ll be able to close it easily this time. NOPE. Damn window is stuck open and now its raining.

So, I dismantle the door, put the window back on the tracks and off I go. Good for another month. Then I completely forget! It’s hot out and the conditions are perfect for an open window – How many times do I have to open that F@#&ing window before I remember that bad things happen when it’s open?

When I let junk creep into my body, the cravings start and I’m stuck on “open”. It’s a total pain in the ass to fix it and get back on the track. And it has taken me a long time to learn that this window needs to stay shut.

But I noticed, going in and out of convenience stores on my last road trip, that the window was going to stay shut because it didn’t work. It wasn’t a big deal. It was just a reality. No point in fighting it. Just accepting it!

That is freedom, my friends!

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  1. Diana David says:

    This is an awesome analogy! I struggle with binge eating and you described it perfectly. I will keep this in mind when I’m feeling confident I can just have a bite.

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