Hal Hershfield on Befriending Our Future Selves: PYP 191

Hal Herschfield is a UCLA psychology professor, and author of some really interesting studies on the connection between what we do now and how we think about the future. Specifically, he's shown through brain scans that the more we think of our future selves as a person different from ourselves (and most of us do), the less we're willing to sacrifice today to help that future self. Read more »

Dave Willits on Plant-Based Life After Death: PYP 175

On March 28, 2014, Dave Willits suffered a heart attack at work, and died at the hospital later that day. Several times, in fact. Luckily for him (and us), he was revived every time, and awoke from his surgery vowing never to take another day for granted. Dave had thought himself in good shape at the age of 53, so he quickly realized that all his assumptions about how to have a healthy heart were flawed. Read more »

Eric O’Grey on Being Rescued by an Obese, Middle-Aged Dog: PYP 161

Eric O’Grey co-stars in a 6-minute video that’s been viewed over 50 millions times. He’s been on NPR, Rachael Ray, Oprah.com, and Today.com. He runs multiple marathons a year, advocates for animal rescue and plant-based diets, and is in the process of inking a book deal. All because of a scruffy, obese, middle-aged rescue dog. Read more »

Bob Cafaro on Beating MS: PYP 153

Bob Cafaro was enjoying a successful career as a professional cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra when he was struck with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in December, 1998. After some serious denial and three increasingly nasty attacks, he was forced to confront the reality and severity of his diagnosis. With Bob's eyesight worsening to the point of blindness and his hands unable to control the cello, it was only natural for his doctor to write him a note for permanent disability. And slip him a script for an antidepressant to help him cope with the loss of his profession, his livelihood, his passion, and his independent existence Read more »

PYP 150: Dustin Rudolph on Meds vs Diet for Hypertension and Diabetes

Dustin Rudolph, PharmD, is a repeat guest on the podcast. As one of the only pharmacists in the world who favors a plant-based treatment approach, he shared his "coming of age" story and his take on the world of doctors, drugs, and health care. Today he's back to talk about two specific conditions: high blood pressure (hypertension) and type 2 (insulin resistant) diabetes. Read more »

PYP 146: Michael Greger, MD, on How Not To Die

Michael Greger is the founder of NutritionFacts.org, an amazing website that produces daily what would take me six months to do: a short, entertaining video exploring some aspect of nutritional science and its application to everyday life. From humble beginnings, the website now educates millions of viewers about the relationship between diet/lifestyle and disease/health. Read more »

PYP 142: Alan Goldhamer on the Fastest Way to Improve Health

Alan Goldhamer, DC, is coauthor, with Doug Lisle, of The Pleasure Trap, and co-founder and director of one of the most important medical institutions in the world: The True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, California. Using lifestyle medicine and supervised water fasting, the staff at True North achieve medical miracles on a daily basis. Simply by letting the body heal faster than it can be made sick. The healing power of water fasting is so remarkable that reputable medical journals feared for their credibility when asked to publish Goldhamer's results. Only recently has the British Medical Journal published a case report of a woman whose follicular lymphoma disappeared after 21 days of water fasting and 9 months of clean eating. Read more »

PYP 136: Eileen Kopsaftis on How to Become Ageless

Eileen Kopsaftis is an amazing physical therapist based near Albany, New York. She's unusual in many ways, including her use of nutrition to help her patients get out of pain and regain function, and her hands-on (literally) approach to resolving pain and mobility issues. Her passion is healthy aging. And until I looked up her bio in preparation for writing these show notes, I had no idea that she's 10 years older than me. So she definitely practices what she preaches - and it definitely works for her. I've met Eileen in person twice, at Wellness Forum Health conferences, and both times she's helped me with my own aches and pains. So I'm a believer in her approach on a cellular level, and not simply based on my reading of the research. Read more »

PYP 130: Dr Ted Crawford on Healing Himself and His Patients

Ted "Dr Herbivore" Crawford grew up in Iowa, eating meat and dairy at every meal. Even as a Doctor of Osteopathy, he thought that healthy eating meant less red meat, and more chicken and fish. His own health was a mess: medicated for high cholesterol and hypertension (the latter at the highest allowable doses), suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, overweight and experiencing frequent migraines. His wife had survived breast cancer, and was dealing with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Read more »