PYP 158: Sandi Kronick on Facilitating a Sustainable Food System

Sandi Kronick is founder and CEO of Eastern Carolina Organics (ECO), an innovative food hub company that connects medium-scale organic farmers with local and far-flung markets. Located in Durham, NC, ECO is part of a new breed of mission-driven for-profit companies looking to help us eat better within a capitalist framework. Read more »

PYP 157: Keegan Kuhn on Not Hurting Anybody and Questioning Authority

Keegan Kuhn was raised with two rules: don’t hurt anybody, and question authority. Judging by what’s he’s become and what he’s accomplished, I think those two rules may comprise a necessary and sufficient philosophy of child-rearing. Keegan is an accomplished bio-intensive farm and garden developer, a social activist, and a documentary filmmaker whose latest project, What the Health?, promises to rip the cover off the pharmaceutical / medical / agricultural conspiracy to ruin our health. Read more »

PYP 124: Samantha Carrie Johnson on Eating Real and Living Our Passion

Samantha Carrie Johnson, at age 30, has already accomplished several lifetimes worth of personal and social achievement. A chef, restauranteur, entrepreneur, actor, model, Miss Pennsylvania 2007, and MTV reality show star, Samantha devotes her energy and her time to raising consciousness, promoting plant-based health, and keeping her own life balanced. Read more »

PYP 109: Amie Hamlin on Feeding Kids Right in 2015

I recently republished an August 2007 interview with Amie Hamlin, Executive Director of The New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. In that conversation, we covered: what school cafeterias and lunchrooms really look like the insane scheduling of school lunch times what cafeteria acoustics have to do with feeding kids well why the government is poisoning our kids how surplus agricultural products like ground beef, cheese, and white potatoes get funneled into school cafeterias the economic pressures on school food service directors how to advocate and agitate for healthy food in schools the amazing public school food policy in Appleton, Wisconsin - and its surprising origins as an intervention for troubled teens what hope lies on the horizon Read more »

PYP 104: Robert Ostfeld on Healing Individuals and Communities from the Roots Up

Robert Ostfeld was collecting Ivy League degrees like some people collect state quarters. With a BA from Penn, an MD from Yale, and a Masters in Epidemiology from Harvard, Robert was well on the way to a prestigious and lucrative career at the pinnacle of conventional medicine. But he threw that plan away when he decided to become amazing. Read more »

PYP 101: Amie Hamlin on Healthy School Food 2007

Today's podcast is the first half of a double-header with Amie Hamlin, founder and executive director of the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. Amie was a concerned parent who got involved at her own kids' school after seeing the crap they were being served in the cafeteria. What she discovered when she hit hurdle after hurdle led her to full-time, full-court activism on behalf of children's health. Read more »