PYP 114: Miyoko Schinner on Homemade Liberation

If there were a Nobel Prize for food, Miyoko Schinner would be rehearsing her Oslo speech right now. Committed to human health and happiness, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare, her activism tends toward the decidedly delicious. She's a return guest, having shared her cheesemaking secrets with the podcast a couple of years ago. Read more »

PYP 069: How to Keep Kids Healthy Even if They’re in Daycare

Sparked by a situation in my own family, I devoted this episode to supporting parents who send their kids to daycare and still want to feed them well. I reached out to my network of "Here's how to do it" genius educators and collated the short interviews into this comprehensive and hopefully valuable resource. Read more »

PYP 056: Bianca and Michael Alexander on the Journey of Conscious Living

Bianca and Michael Alexander are buddies of mine and co-founders of Bianca is an EMMY-award winning TV correspondent, as well as on-camera talent for hit shows on Lifetime, TV Guide, and TV One. She's a certified yoga instructor and energy healer. Michael is a serial entrepreneur, provocateur and innovator in the areas of sustainability, health and entrepreneurship. He cameos in Conscious Living TV videos as "Vegan Man," and is a budding organic gardener. Read more »

PYP 033: Ronda Collier on Heart Rate Variability and the hidden causes of weight gain and “falling off the wagon”

Ronda Collier is CEO and founder of Sweetwater Health, a technology company that sells a couple of neat little iPhone apps called SweetbeatLife and Sweetbeat. They measure heart rate variability (HRV), which turns out to be a very good proxy for the body's resilience and health. Read more »