PYP 148: Marc Schoen, PhD, on Surviving Our Survival Instinct and Defeating Bad Habits

True confession: I usually multitask while I eat, despite telling other people not to. I read, I Facebook, I talk on the phone, I create presentations, and so on. I rationalize it very well: I'm busy, I can still chew slowly (note to self: "BS!"), and this is the last time. And luckily, I tell myself, it's no big deal. Marc Schoen, PhD, assistant clinical professor at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine, disagrees. And after reading his absolutely amazingly important and helpful book, Your Survival Instinct is Killing You, he's convinced me. Read more »

PYP 138: Kelly Turner on Radical Remission from Cancer

Kelly Turner, PhD, is the author of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds. If you have cancer, or know anyone who has cancer, or are a human being (Western men have a 1/2 chance and women a 1/3 chance of developing cancer in their lifetime), you need to read this book. It's not one of those "Think happy thoughts and cure everything books." Instead, it's a profoundly scientific look at a group of people who may hold the key to curing cancer - and who have been systematically ignored, marginalized, and dismissed as irrelevant by medical research for the past 150 years. Read more »

PYP 134: Glenn Murphy on the New Science of Stress

Glenn Murphy is a science writer and educator, bestselling author, and longtime student of the Russian martial art known as Systema. He's also my teacher, my friend, and a hilarious guy with a kick-ass British accent. It turns out that a great deal of science of human stress and resilience was done in the former Soviet Union which was embargoed and unavailable to the West until recently. This neuroscience of performance was tested and validated in work with Olympic gold medalists and spec op forces - both of whom are under a great deal more stress than most of us will ever know. And these insights are baked into Systema, which teaches relaxation and selective use of tension in response to physical threats rather than rigid stances and hyper-aggressive techniques. Read more »

PYP 100: Rich Roll on the Transformative Power of Mindful Authenticity

Rich Roll, along with his wife Julie Piatt, has just released The PlantPower Way. Already #38 on the amazon bestseller list, the book is a wonderful introduction to a family-centered, plant-based lifestyle, and a font of recipes, advice, and philosophical guidance. Read more »

PYP 097: Susan Peirce Thompson on Bright Line Eating to Overcome Food Addiction

Susan Peirce Thompson knows something about addiction. Starting at age 14, she lurched from addiction to addiction, finally getting clean and sober at age 20. Years later, in grad school, she had become obese, and found that she was powerless to control - or even understand - her cravings and binges. Unlike drugs, food was a must-have; she couldn’t simply abstain. When she discovered a method that had been refined, trial-and-error fashion, by food addicts in the 12-step community, she jumped on board and quickly went from size 16 to size 4. Susan is now a tenured psychology professor with a PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and teaches a college course on the psychology of eating. Read more »

PYP 093: Sharon Livingston on Conquering Emotional Eating

When Sharon Livingston was a kid, her parents were kosher caterers and she had to watch them nourish the world while, often, ignoring her. She doubled her weight between ages 9 and 12, and had to deal with being "the fat girl" all through high school. These and other experiences and her long road of healing from them, along with her decades of study and practice of psychology, have made her a expert on emotional eating, or as she puts it, "when food becomes a four-letter word." Read more »