Peter Breggin, MD, on Toxic Psychiatry and the Heart of Healing: PYP 231

Peter Breggin, MD, has been known as the "conscience of psychiatry" since his crusade starting in the 1970s to abolish electro-convulsive therapy.  Since then, he's become an outspoken critic of the entire psychiatric profession, largely based on their reliance on neurotoxic drugs instead of humane and effective treatment options. Read more »

Guest Post: PSA Screening Still a Bad Idea

One of the unsung heroes of modern medicine is Richard J. Ablin, professor in the Pathology Department of the University of Arizona. The discoverer of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), Dr. Ablin has spent decades warning doctors and the public that the PSA test is not only useless for population screening for prostate cancer, but is incredibly harmful. For every man whose life is saved via early detection of a deadly tumor, dozens are maimed by treatments for tumors that were never going to hurt them. Read more »

“I’m not speeding up; they’re all slowing down” with Ellen Jaffe Jones: PYP 194

I ran into Ellen Jaffe Jones at the Raleigh NC Vegfest, where she was inspiring young and old to get off their butts and embrace a healthy, active, vegan lifestyle. We had met on Skype for a podcast interview more than three years ago, but this was the first time we had met in person. And since I've become a runner, I badly wanted a copy of her new book, Vegan Fitness For Mortals. As one of the most decorated track and field athletes in the country (and getting more and more competitive as her non-plant-based rivals slow down and quit as their bodies decline), she has a lot to teach me about running well and sustainably. Read more »

Keegan Kuhn on Not Hurting Anybody and Questioning Authority: PYP 157

Keegan Kuhn was raised with two rules: don’t hurt anybody, and question authority. Judging by what’s he’s become and what he’s accomplished, I think those two rules may comprise a necessary and sufficient philosophy of child-rearing. Keegan is an accomplished bio-intensive farm and garden developer, a social activist, and a documentary filmmaker whose latest project, What the Health?, promises to rip the cover off the pharmaceutical / medical / agricultural conspiracy to ruin our health. Read more »

PYP 151: Steven Sashen on Running Barefoot and Feeling the World

Steven Sashen is co-founder of, and a fierce critic of the athletic footwear industry. Steven and I met when we were in the digital marketing world, and stayed in touch as we both migrated into health and wellness. Steven has been my “almost barefoot shoe” supplier since 2011, when I read Born to Run and got my mind blown about the harm done by hyper-cushioned and hyper-supportive footwear. There are so many parallels between the misinformation promoted by Big Food and Big Pharma and Big Sneaker, I wanted to get Steven on the podcast to share his naturalistic approach to moving in a way that doesn’t lead to injury and limitation. Read more »

Robert Whitaker on Institutional Psychiatric Corruption: PYP 139

Robert Whitaker has written some of the most dystopian, disturbing, and fascinating stories of evil unleashed that I've ever read. Unfortunately for us, he's not a fiction writer. Instead, he reports on the psychiatric industry. In his 2010 book, Anatomy of an Epidemic, which won the Investigative Reporters and Editors' 2010 book award, Whitaker showed how the story told by the American Psychiatric Association - that mental illnesses were caused by known chemical imbalances in the brain, and modern wonder drugs were safe and effective - was a deadly lie. Read more »

PYP 127: Dr Pam Popper on Empowering Patients to Make Good Health Decisions

Dr Pam Popper is founder and president of Wellness Forum Health of Columbus, Ohio. She's the author of Food Over Medicine and Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis. Dr Pam has made it her mission to give her clients the means to make informed decisions about their own health care. (I wish the “teach a man to fish” metaphor were less sexist and less carnist - it would be useful here.) Before we get to the meat (ugh, another carnist metaphor - I wish I could quit them cold turkey) of the conversation, I need to make a full disclosure: I’m so impressed with the potential of Wellness Forum Health to transform healthcare in this country, I’ve joined them as a partner practitioner. Read more »

PYP 125: (Bonus) Glenn Livingston and Howard Jacobson on Proteinaholic and Suspect Science

So I helped Dr Garth Davis write Proteinaholic, which came out this month (and is getting lots of love at the bookstores and in amazon reviews, so thank you very much). (Note to reader: for maximum effect, this next paragraph should be read in one long breath.) And the book basically says (spoiler alert) that we're obsessed with protein, and we're eating way too much of it, and excluding many other important nutrients because we're so obsessed with protein (I'm looking at you, fiber), and we would be healthier and slimmer if we just calmed down a bit and ate a plant-based diet that limited our protein intake to levels appropriate for humans. Read more »