PYP 127: Dr Pam Popper on Empowering Patients to Make Good Health Decisions

Dr Pam Popper is founder and president of Wellness Forum Health of Columbus, Ohio. She's the author of Food Over Medicine and Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis. Dr Pam has made it her mission to give her clients the means to make informed decisions about their own health care. (I wish the “teach a man to fish” metaphor were less sexist and less carnist - it would be useful here.) Before we get to the meat (ugh, another carnist metaphor - I wish I could quit them cold turkey) of the conversation, I need to make a full disclosure: I’m so impressed with the potential of Wellness Forum Health to transform healthcare in this country, I’ve joined them as a partner practitioner. Read more »

PYP 125: (Bonus) Glenn Livingston and Howard Jacobson on Proteinaholic and Suspect Science

So I helped Dr Garth Davis write Proteinaholic, which came out this month (and is getting lots of love at the bookstores and in amazon reviews, so thank you very much). (Note to reader: for maximum effect, this next paragraph should be read in one long breath.) And the book basically says (spoiler alert) that we're obsessed with protein, and we're eating way too much of it, and excluding many other important nutrients because we're so obsessed with protein (I'm looking at you, fiber), and we would be healthier and slimmer if we just calmed down a bit and ate a plant-based diet that limited our protein intake to levels appropriate for humans. Read more »