Tim Kaufman on Doing a Little More Today Than You Did Yesterday: PYP 163

When Tim Kaufman was in his late 30s, he weighed about 400 pounds, struggled with addictions to pain killers, and figured this was how his life was gonna be from now on. After all, he had been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic disease that messes with connective tissue and left his knees essentially useless. Read more »

Doug Lisle on the Evolutionary Uses of Pain and Sacrifice: PYP 160

Doug Lisle, PhD, is an evolutionary psychologist, Director of Research at True North Health Center, and co-author of one of the most important and - to me - challenging books on human happiness and health, The Pleasure Trap. The other author, Alan Goldhamer, was a recent guest on this podcast, and credited his desire to beat Doug at basketball as the motivating factor behind his own search for the truth about health. Read more »

Howard Jacobson on Motivation and Transformation: PYP 156

Hey there, it's me, Howard. My mind has been buzzing lately, full of input from some of the guests I've interviewed over the past few months. It's like they've been talking with each other, in my mind, and I have these momentary revelations and confusions as I go on runs, sit down to write, and lay awake at night when I'm not tired enough to sleep Read more »

PYP 151: Steven Sashen on Running Barefoot and Feeling the World

Steven Sashen is co-founder of Xeroshoes.com, and a fierce critic of the athletic footwear industry. Steven and I met when we were in the digital marketing world, and stayed in touch as we both migrated into health and wellness. Steven has been my “almost barefoot shoe” supplier since 2011, when I read Born to Run and got my mind blown about the harm done by hyper-cushioned and hyper-supportive footwear. There are so many parallels between the misinformation promoted by Big Food and Big Pharma and Big Sneaker, I wanted to get Steven on the podcast to share his naturalistic approach to moving in a way that doesn’t lead to injury and limitation. Read more »

PYP 148: Marc Schoen, PhD, on Surviving Our Survival Instinct and Defeating Bad Habits

True confession: I usually multitask while I eat, despite telling other people not to. I read, I Facebook, I talk on the phone, I create presentations, and so on. I rationalize it very well: I'm busy, I can still chew slowly (note to self: "BS!"), and this is the last time. And luckily, I tell myself, it's no big deal. Marc Schoen, PhD, assistant clinical professor at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine, disagrees. And after reading his absolutely amazingly important and helpful book, Your Survival Instinct is Killing You, he's convinced me. Read more »

PYP 144: Irving Kirsch on Harnessing the Placebo Effect and Discovering the Truth about Antidepressants

Irving Kirsch is a soft-spoken researcher who accidentally stumbled upon one of the biggest and most costly errors in modern medicine. His cautious yet relentless search for the truth has made him persona non grata to much of the psychiatric profession and pharmaceutical industry, and a hero to the rest of us. His findings, documented in his book The Emperor's New Drugs as well as in dozens of published papers and book chapters, has generated a lot of controversy, including a 5-page cover story in Newsweek and a segment on 60 Minutes. His conclusion: antidepressant drugs, including blockbusters like Prozac and Paxil, don't work. They're no better than placebo, meaning the only reason people feel and get better when they take those drugs is because they believe they will. When you look at the evidence collected and analyzed and curated by Kirsch, it's hard to disagree. Read more »

PYP 143: Janice Stanger on Hormonal Disruption and Dietary Dangers

Janice Stanger, PhD, author of The Perfect Formula Diet, is a repeat podcast guest. This time, she's on because she gave a remarkable presentation on hormonal health and disease at the annual Wellness Forum Health conference. Near the beginning of her talk, she read a quote from a medical textbook with a single word omitted: "[Blank] is the most powerful anabolic hormone in the human body." - and asked us to fill in the blank. I stood confidently, raised my hand, and boomed out the answer, Human Growth Hormone. Read more »

PYP 142: Alan Goldhamer on the Fastest Way to Improve Health

Alan Goldhamer, DC, is coauthor, with Doug Lisle, of The Pleasure Trap, and co-founder and director of one of the most important medical institutions in the world: The True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, California. Using lifestyle medicine and supervised water fasting, the staff at True North achieve medical miracles on a daily basis. Simply by letting the body heal faster than it can be made sick. The healing power of water fasting is so remarkable that reputable medical journals feared for their credibility when asked to publish Goldhamer's results. Only recently has the British Medical Journal published a case report of a woman whose follicular lymphoma disappeared after 21 days of water fasting and 9 months of clean eating. Read more »

PYP 136: Eileen Kopsaftis on How to Become Ageless

Eileen Kopsaftis is an amazing physical therapist based near Albany, New York. She's unusual in many ways, including her use of nutrition to help her patients get out of pain and regain function, and her hands-on (literally) approach to resolving pain and mobility issues. Her passion is healthy aging. And until I looked up her bio in preparation for writing these show notes, I had no idea that she's 10 years older than me. So she definitely practices what she preaches - and it definitely works for her. I've met Eileen in person twice, at Wellness Forum Health conferences, and both times she's helped me with my own aches and pains. So I'm a believer in her approach on a cellular level, and not simply based on my reading of the research. Read more »