PYP 148: Marc Schoen, PhD, on Surviving Our Survival Instinct and Defeating Bad Habits

True confession: I usually multitask while I eat, despite telling other people not to. I read, I Facebook, I talk on the phone, I create presentations, and so on. I rationalize it very well: I'm busy, I can still chew slowly (note to self: "BS!"), and this is the last time. And luckily, I tell myself, it's no big deal. Marc Schoen, PhD, assistant clinical professor at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine, disagrees. And after reading his absolutely amazingly important and helpful book, Your Survival Instinct is Killing You, he's convinced me. Read more »

PYP 060: Sean Kane on Automobile Safety, Runaway Computer Code, and the Promise and Perils of Technology

Sean Kane is president of Safety Research and Strategy, and founder of The Safety Institute. From his early days in the belly of the beast as a claims adjuster for the tire industry, to his work on the front lines with Ralph Nader's Institute for Auto Safety, to his own work making companies pay for their negligence, Sean has seen it all as an insider. He fights tirelessly (oh, did a bad pun just slip into this blog?) to hold manufacturers and marketers accountable for the damage their products cause. And lest you peg him an anti-technology crusader, he's also an organic gardner and supporter of the use of appropriate technology to solve societal and agricultural problems. Read more »