Peter Breggin, MD, on Toxic Psychiatry and the Heart of Healing: PYP 231

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Peter Breggin, MD, has been known as the “conscience of psychiatry” since his crusade starting in the 1970s to abolish psycho-surgery (lobotomization) and electro-convulsive therapy.

Since then, he's become an outspoken critic of the entire psychiatric profession, largely based on their reliance on neurotoxic drugs instead of humane and effective treatment options.

I heard Dr. Breggin give two talks at last year's Wellness Forum Health conference; one on the history of psychiatric abuse of patients, and the other on the heart of healing from negative emotions and trauma (he refuses to use the term “mental illness”).

With roughly 25% of the US population taking a psych med at any given time, and the known damage that these substances do over time, my fervent wish is that everyone spend a day in the presence of this modern-day prophet of compassion, love, and humanism. That explains this timing of this interview, which is publishing exactly one month before the next Wellness Forum Health conference, in Columbus, Ohio on November 10-12.

If you're interested in evidence-based health, and you want to inoculate yourself against false claims and fake news and self-serving industrial medicine, I can't recommend this conference highly enough.

Joining me as co-host for today's episode is my 17-year-old son Elan, who has been fascinated and inspired by Dr. Breggin's work since discovering it earlier this year.

Many of his friends have been treated with psych meds, and he has witnessed their destabilizing and often dehumanizing effects on people he cares deeply about.

I hope he decides to become a regular co-host on shows with issues that light his fire – if you agree, drop us a line in comments 🙂

Dr. Breggin, Elan, and I discussed:

  • the history of psychiatric human rights abuses
  • the goal of psychiatry: subdued, compliant humans
  • human nature and the abuse of power
  • Dr. Breggin's first peak at the psychiatric industry as a college freshman
  • similarities between mental hospitals and World War II concentration camps
  • the healing power of a caring relationship
  • the shocking FDA rules on drug approval criteria
  • how Eli Lilly conspired to hide the suicidal impact of their drugs from consumers
  • the modern epidemic of ADHD and the first generation to grow up on amphetamines
  • why people think that their meds are helping (intoxication anosognosia, or “medical spellbinding”)
  • depressed people are simply more optimistic than normal
  • how to use dialog and compassion to help children change their behaviors
  • the importance of trust in a therapeutic relationship
  • how to democratize mental health initiatives
  • how and why to stop taking psychiatric meds
  • the uses and abuses of empathy
  • how Dr Breggin lost 30 pounds on a plant-based diet, and how his wife Ginger was relieved of decades of painful and debilitating symptoms within weeks
  • the ideal human diet of food and relationships
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.

Addendum November 14, 2017: I met my hero at the Wellness Forum Health Conference in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend:


Register for the Wellness Forum Health Annual Conference 2017

Dr Breggin's website:

Dr Breggin's books (a tiny sample)

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions

Toxic Psychiatry

The Heart of Being Helpful

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4 Responses to “Peter Breggin, MD, on Toxic Psychiatry and the Heart of Healing: PYP 231”

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  1. Thanks for the introduction to Dr Breggin. Great interview and super to hear Elan on the podcast.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Wish my 46 year old son with schysophrenia and heroin addiction could be offered real help. In and out of jail to living on the street.

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