PYP 006: Hans Diehl: Healthy by Choice, Not by Chance

Hans DiehlHans Diehl is founder of CHIP (The Complete Health Improvement Program), a 30-day health education program that has been changing lives for the better for decades.

In this interview, Hans and Howard discuss the simple and incredibly powerful health effects of a few simple choices.

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Health Power


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  1. Peter says:

    Howard, great interview….I was enthralled to hear that when Chip first started he had 5000 people doing the program in Rockford Illinois. This is hard to fathom, and I am extremely curious why and how did so many people sign up to the CHIP program, and to get 30 restaurants to include 5 items on the each of the menus of 30 restaurants is just as enthralling, just how did he do it.

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