PYP 015: Juan Carlos Asse: UnSuperSize Me and Escaping Our Various Prisons

carly asseAward-winning film-maker and fitness trainer Juan Carlos (Carly) Asse had everything going for him. High school valedictorian, good-looking, popular, and enjoying college in Florida on a tennis scholarship.

It all came crashing down when a federal SWAT team smashed down his door and took him into custody for selling drugs.

After seven years in a federal penitentiary, Carly came out a changed man. He used his time to better himself.

And that included becoming a certified fitness instructor and immersing himself in the nutritional research of T. Colin Campbell, whose first book, The China Study, Carly read while in prison.

What's Carly up to these days? You can find out in this interview. We discuss:

  • the hidden blessings of seven years in prison
  • what Carly learned about possibility, and how that helped him help others
  • the “secret sauce” that's made him one of the most successful personal trainers in the world
  • the making of his award-winning documentary, Unsupersize Me, and how he did it on a shoestring budget
  • his work with Tracy Ryan, who lost 200 pounds in one year under his tutelage

You can buy or stream UnSupersize Me at You can also find out about Carly's personal training practice at

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  1. Theresa Varnedoe says:

    The documentary is great!!!! It taught me alot about losing weight on a plant based diet. I loved Tracy’s sucess. You go girl! !!!

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