PYP 049: Jeff Rogers on Vegan Ice Cream, Being a Naughty Vegan, and Discovering the Raw Lifestyle

jeff-rogersJeff Rogers, The Naughty Vegan, may have saved my sanity back in the day when I had foresworn Ben and Jerries, but couldn't stomach the taste or texture or nasty ingredients of then-available non-dairy frozen desserts.

His short book, Vice Cream, offered me (and tens of thousands of others) a simple and elegant way to make high-quality frozen desserts at home. Yeah, they were expensive (a key ingredient was raw cashews). And yeah I ended up buying a separate freezer so I could order the ingredients in bulk and save money.

But they were amazing.

And they served as seductive ambassadors to the plant-based lifestyle whenever I whipped up a batch after dinner with friends.

So I was eager to talk with my frozen dessert savior on the phone. I thought we might just riff on peanut butter chocolate chip and blueberry walnut.

Turns out Jeff is way more interesting.

We talked about the updating and rerelease of Vice Cream as Vegan Ice Cream (apparently the world is ready for the v-word, according to the marketing geniuses at his publisher).

And we talked about pleasure and health, and how to live without the compromise that our society thinks is just The Way Things Are.

And we talked about his raw lifestyle, and I got really interested because I've been raw-curious for a while but tell myself a story that it's not for me.


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