PYP 054: Joel Kahn, MD on The Whole Heart Solution

joel-kahnJoel Kahn, MD is a preventive cardiologist, a rare breed in Western medicine. He's the author of The Whole Heart Solution, available for purchase on September 16, 2014.

  • In this wide-ranging conversation, we cover:
  • the almost completely unknown cardiac health test that's non-invasive, inexpensive, lightning quick, painless, and predictive of heart health several years earlier than other tests
  • why the heart is so much more than a simple pump
  • the confusion about cholesterol, and what we really know about the link between cholesterol and heart health
  • how paleo and low-carb advocates get it tragically wrong
  • the phenomenon of “coherence,” and why pets and positive people make us feel better
  • how to use your spice cabinet as a medicine cabinet
  • what desk workers can do to add years to their lives
  • and much more…

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  1. Lisa Hagan says:

    Informative and interesting interview. Thanks so much, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. David Sax says:

    Very good interview. I had just seen Dr Greger’s video about the mustard seed on broccoli so it’s interesting that Dr Kahn mentioned it as well. He also mentioned it could be added to kale. Does that mean the same thing happens with kale when cooked?

    Also interesting comment about the notion of being conscious when eating and how being Kosher naturally developed that practice for him. I’ve often considered the parallel between being Kosher with that of a plant-based person driven by ethical means – both based on strong values, principles and practices. To me it makes your choices and actions simpler and easier.

    It would be interesting to study which group has an easier time going completely plant-based – those with more ethical leanings or those doing it primarily for health reasons. Food for thought…. 😉

    • Howard says:

      I know kale and broccoli are related, as they are both members of the Greens-I-didn’t-know existed-until-college family. But that’s a question for the good doctors…

      Regarding kosher and plant-based and eating, I was struck by a concept I read last night in Mary Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, about the difference between habit and ritual. A habit is anything we do without thinking, like brushing our teeth.

      But we can make it into a ritual through intention, i.e. thinking about cleaning our thoughts and words when we brush our teeth, so we speak cleanly and lovingly during the day.

      For my money, the consciousness we bring to a lifestyle shift determines its staying power when put under stress.

      • David Sax says:

        Yeah, maybe I’ll reach out to them and ask about the kale. In the meantime, I’ll just add the mustard powder….

        Interesting you mention rituals. I know that the positive psychology literature supports the inclusion of rituals into one’s daily life. I suppose I never really thought of the difference between a habit and ritual that way but it makes sense. It seems it makes sense to put intention into all of what we do..

        • David Sax says:

          Hey just an update – I heard back from Dr. Kahn. He indicates that this should be true for all cruciferous veggies – cooking injures myrosinase. Mustard powder adds it back in…

  3. Will Thatcher says:

    This is an outstanding interview, I am half way through the book and plan to buy the HeartMath EmWave 2 so I can follow completely the good doctors prescription. In keeping with that thought I am seeing my internal medicine physician today to get a referral for a coronary calcium CT and EndoPAT.

    I would like to thank everyone responsible for these interviews. I have listened to them all.

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