PYP 055: John Pierre on Fueling Ourselves for Action and Compassion

john-pierreJohn Pierre is fitness trainer to the stars, including Ellen DeGeneres, Pamela Anderson, and Emily Deschanel. He's also a tireless advocate for the voiceless, powerless, and dispossessed: animals, the aged, and abused women.

In this call we discussed the connections between, well, pretty much everything:

  • processed food and predatory teenage boys
  • milk production and sexual assault
  • violent video games and third world child soldiers
  • non-judgment and effective advocacy

John also unveiled his most exciting project, an animal sanctuary and education center and recovery retreat. He's got the 501c3 status, he's got the staff, and he's got the vision – now he's just looking for the perfect piece of land. Find out more at

Enjoy, get inspired, and please share!


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