PYP 063: Matt Frazier on Running Long Distances, Plant-Based Nutrition, and Building a Movement without Trying to Convert Anybody

Matt-FrazierOK, so I've been procrastinating writing this intro to the Matt Frazier interview for about a week, because I wanted to get the prose just right.

Matt is the founder of No-Meat Athlete, originally a blog, then a book, and now a movement growing on its own steam.

We talked about Matt's introduction to running, his views on entrepreneurship and challenge, and about his discovery of the plant-based road to competitive excellence. As well as the No Meat Athlete movement and brand, and the dance between control and letting go.

But here's what excited me about doing the write-up: our philosophies clicked on so many levels, the conversation went much deeper than I was planning or expecting.

I believe this interview is one of the great treats available on Plant Yourself.

Please enjoy, comment, and share.


No Meat Athlete website

The book: No Meat Athlete


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