PYP 064: Chef Alan Roettinger on Navigating Life Through Joy (and much more)

alan-roettingerAlan Roettinger packs a ton of wisdom, compassion, and humor into a 102-minute interview – one of the longest and most inspiring I've had the privilege to conduct.

Alan shifted his career as private chef to the rich and famous (he doesn't name names, except for Bill Clinton and Frank Sinatra) to a successful stint as the author of four vegan cookbooks. In this far-ranging conversation.

We cover:

  • Alan's journey from hedonic omnivore to even more hedonic vegan
  • what really goes on in the kitchens of most restaurants, and why we should be cooking more at home
  • why home cooks have advantages over chefs in the world's best restaurants, even if they lack experience and skill
  • a philosophy of plant-based eating based on human rights as much as animal rights
  • what Alan learned about cooking during his childhood in Mexico
  • the five requirements of life, and why we should insist on making them the highest possible quality
  • the real problem with the Standard American Diet: not pleasurable enough
  • how and why to use joy and pleasure as the primary compass guiding us through life
  • the wonders of Aleppo pepper, and where to get it cheaply
  • the difference between the mind and the heart, and which one to listen to
  • the real Paleo diet, and why it's crazy to aspire to it

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Alan's website

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Extraordinary Vegan

Paleo Vegan

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  1. Valerie Suwanseree says:

    This is one episode that really impressed me the first time I listened to it and parts of it have stayed with me, so now I finally recommended it to a friend. Alan Roettinger is just so genuine.

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