PYP 077: Julie Piatt on Influencing Others, Coming Back to Ourselves, and “Meditating on One Foot in the Moonlight”

julie-piattJulie Piatt is a musician, plant-based chef and healer, yogi, home-schooling mom, cookbook author, and contributor to

She's also the muse and support system that her husband Rich Roll leaned on to transform himself from sedentary, junk-food and late-night TV addicted couch potato to one of the world's fittest men in the span of just a couple of years. (Read his story in his bestselling book, Finding Ultra.)

In some sense, Julie “lived the fantasy”: influencing her spouse to change in a big way.

Don't most of us have a fantasy like that? If not about our spouse, then about our kids, or co-workers, or boss, or politicians, or customer-service reps on the other end of the phone, or – probably most common – ourselves?

How did Julie do it?

Did she apply ninja communication skills? NLP? Hypnosis? Threats? Bribes? Sheer persistence?

Her answer may surprise you, and depending on how deeply you've drunk our “Command and Control” culture's Kool-Aid, it may discourage you as well.

Or, if you've willing to try letting go and living in a bit of faith, it may be the best news you've heard in years.

In our conversation, Julie and I cover:

  • Julie's early spiritual yearnings (“hitchhiking for Jesus”)
  • the surprising domino effect of starting a yoga practice in her 30s
  • the golf-ball sized cyst that allowed her to choose between aggressive medical intervention and a natural Ayurvedic approach
  • the relationships between our afflictions and our unvoiced passions
  • how she tried for years to get Rich to change – and what finally worked
  • her weird response to Rich's first requests for her help
  • navigating the tricky waters of raising healthy kids – and why an occasional slice of pizza or Halloween binge doesn't upset her
  • why dogmatic approaches to health are incomplete or counter-productive
  • the two questions that can be applied to any advice: “for whom and when”
  • how to be incredibly powerful in the world by coming back to ourselves
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.

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