PYP 099: Julie Piatt on Alchemy and “Cutting the Zucchini with the Closest Knife”

julie-piattJulie Piatt returns to the Plant Yourself Podcast to celebrate the imminent release (like, tomorrow) of her  and her husband Rich Roll's new book, The PlantPower Way.

Julie and Rich are really good at sharing both the biggest, broadest vision of a meaningful life and the tiniest details of how to go about creating it at the same time.

In our conversation about living, writing, and promoting The PlantPower Way, we jump back and forth from those two levels. We cover:

  • the three PlantPower pathways (vitality, performance, and transformation) and how they reinforce each other
  • Julie's ayurvedic healing journey and what it's taught her
  • the subtle difference between food and fuel and food as energy
  • the most basic step you can take to raise your food standards
  • what it means to think of foods as sacred gifts
  • the significance of cutting the zucchini with the closest knife
  • the links between food and athletic performance
  • responsible eating in a time of dire drought
  • respecting nature and the rhythms of our local ecosystems
  • how our internal wounded child issues keep us from feeding our own kids well
  • the costs and benefits of extreme transparency and vulnerability in sharing her and Rich's story with the world
  • how they're spreading the word about The PlantPower Way (and how we can help get the message out)
  • the ultimate goal of healthy eating (as eloquently encapsulated in Sanjay Gupta's foreword to the book)
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.


Julie and Rich's website:

The PlantPower Way on amazon (but Julie and Rich prefer you to buy it from your local independent bookseller, if you've still got one)

The Thunderclap social media campaign for the book

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