PYP 149: Dr. Linda Carney on the Dangers of Excess Estrogen

Dr. Linda Carney got her first taste of medicine – an addictive one, as it turns out – when she managed to witness an autopsy at the age of 14. Her vegetarian-chef / Mr. Mom stepdad added the experience of delicious plant-based eating to her life, and when she heard Hans Diehl, PhD, describe the results of his CHIP program (see below for my interview with Hans), she combined the two and embraced plant-based medicine.

As Medical Director of the original Engine 2 Immersion with employees of Whole Foods in Austin, TX, Dr. Carney witnessed daily what most doctors would consider medical miracles: 100 point drops in cholesterol in 5 days, type 1 diabetics reducing their insulin requirements by 20% a day, and more.

I became acquainted with her work through her website, which renders complex nutritional and health science in layperson's terms. I specifically wanted to speak with her about women's health issues.

In our conversation, we cover:

  • her specialty: “helping patients not need her anymore”
  • the “ill, pill, and bill” model and how she escaped it
  • what she learned practicing emergency medicine in Houston with refugees from hurricane Katrina
  • how to influence patients to change their diets
  • the delicate dance of making patients feel shallow for their food cravings while being real with them about consequences
  • “the future cost of current inaction”
  • why women's health is about so much more than gynecology
  • building the skill of cooking healthy “1 new recipe a week”
  • convincing patients that their taste buds will adapt
  • the connection between suffering and teachable moments
  • the 8 factors that cause us – men and women and children alike – to suffer from excess estrogen
  • why too much estrogen is a problem
  • how high fat diets and excess fat contribute to excess estrogen production
  • the dairy and meat links to estrogen
  • why soy estrogen is like a Lear Jet blocking the runway
  • the role of fiber in keeping estrogen levels down (think poorly plumbed washing machine)
  • some words you probably don't want to hear about coffee and chocolate
  • the link between alcohol consumption and high estrogen levels
  • the obstacles that keep physicians from embracing the evidence-based practice of lifestyle medicine
  • her mantra of “win hearts, not arguments”
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.

Links – free articles on health – Dr. Carney's practice site – for her DVDs and other resources – for online support – 2016 gathering in Marshall, TX

Dr. Hans Diehl's CHIP program

Plant Yourself Podcast Hans Diehl interview

The Cancer Survivor's Guide, by Dr. Neal Barnard

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