Jamie Gannon on Brain Cancer, Golden Tickets, and Silver Linings: PYP 155

Jamie-GannonWhen Jamie Gannon was 27, he was an aspiring actor living  the dream in Hollywood. Reading for films, TV, and commercials. Working his day job. Working out to keep his leading man physique. Taking voice and acting classes. And living a healthy, active life.

When it all fell apart, thanks to a golf-ball sized malignant tumor at the base of his brain.

A tumor that, even after its removal and long courses of chemo and other intensive medical therapies, left Jamie with a 10-15% chance at survival.

Seventeen years later, Jamie is cancer-free. He's a health coach who guides other cancer survivors to get their lives back following diagnosis and successful treatment.

Our conversation has inspired me to check out and start doing an ancient Chinese health practice. And to be a more present, grateful person. (I love doing this podcast!)

In our talk, we covered:

  • denial of a problem, and the lengths Jamie went to maintain it
  • the link between the polio vaccine and his cancer (this isn't tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, but accepted scientific correlation with a clear causal link)
  • why he tells clients to view their cancer as a “golden ticket”
  • his discovery of medical chi gong
  • the almost universal concept of life energy (everywhere except Western reductionist medicine)
  • Master Zhou's “parlor tricks” for skeptics
  • the 2007 NIH study of chi gong
  • the importance of diaphragmatic breathing in moving the “chi”
  • acting as a vehicle for chi gong (“You can't shit tears”)
  • Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique
  • how and why Jamie eventually eliminated all animal products from his diet
  • “chemo brain” – cognitive impairment from chemotherapy, and how the medical establishment dismissed until recently
  • the benefits of being “a very sensitive instrument” of what's helpful and harmful to health
  • the rhetorical problem with militant veganism (“your mother was hurting you”)
  • Dr Joel Fuhrman's GBOMBS as an acronym for a balanced plant-based diet
  • the coaching model of health consulting (vs the “I know better than you” approach) when clients express deep doubts about evidence
  • the dangers of overwhelming clients with too much information
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.


John Oliver's takedown of science journalism

CancerTreatmentRecovery.com (Jamie's practice website)

The Virus and the Vaccine, by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher

Master Zhou's website

The New York Times “Biggest Loser” article

Richard Clear's Tai Chi site

Brain Plasticity TED Talk by Sandrine Thuret

Consequences of Cancer Treatments on Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis: implications for Cognitive Function and Depressive Symptoms (PDF of Sandrine Thuret paper)

Nutrition, Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis and mental health (PDF of Sandrine Thuret paper)

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    What a great story, love podcasts like these.

    Thank You for another informative podcast; keep them coming.


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