Sandi Kronick on Facilitating a Sustainable Food System: PYP 158

sandi-kronickSandi Kronick is founder and CEO of Eastern Carolina Organics (ECO), an innovative food hub company that connects medium-scale organic farmers with local and far-flung markets. Located in Durham, NC, ECO is part of a new breed of mission-driven for-profit companies looking to help us eat better within a capitalist framework.

ECO is farmer-owned, and serves as broker, business agent, and storage and delivery department for many small and mid-size organic and sustainable farms in the North Carolina Triangle.

Sandi and I spoke about ECO’s mission, why it’s necessary, and how it helps address some of the problems in our broken food system. We recorded in her office, during a typically busy day for her, so I got right down to business and didn’t go into some of the “what’s your journey” questions that I usually begin with.

  • We covered:
  • why organic food has been hard to get into supermarkets and onto consumers’ tables
  • the benefits of USDA organic certification – and the serious limitations
  • the key element of true organic farming: soil fertility
  • why not all farms can benefit from farmers’ markets
  • the challenges of fitting seasonal growing into mass markets
  • corporate vs family farming
  • the vital importance of pastoral landscapes to our ecological and mental health
  • why sustainability must include relationships as well as agricultural systems
  • “the grandkids are growing up on the farm” – how to keep the next generation from moving to the city
  • the need to reduce competition and infighting in the organic world
  • cabbage and potatoes – and arugula
  • key metric: the average age of the farmer
  • light commercial processing: the missing economic link for many small farms
    and much more…
  • Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.


ECO (Eastern Carolina Organics)

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