The Mediterranean Diet Study: Bad Science, Worse Journalism

Have you heard the news? An April 2013 study “proves” that the Mediterranean Diet saves lives, reducing cardiovascular events by 30%.

Except the study said no such thing. And the “low fat” diet used as a comparison was anything but.

Caveat comestor! (Let the eater beware!)

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  1. David Sax says:

    Hey Howard
    Interesting. Amazing what today’s journalism reports.
    I just saw a news video with Dr Kahn on the benefits of The Mediterranean Diet in which he supports it. He indicates it’s “relatively” low in animal products, although the news broadcast, which takes place in a restaurant, shows lots of meat on the grill and the portion it represents on the plate is at least 50%. Sio I’m not sure what the take away is really. Perhaps that it, like the paleo diet, doesn’t encourage processed foods or sugar so it’s a better alternative….

  2. Howard says:

    I agree that the Med Diet is one of the better ones. I’m knocking the sloppy and misleading journalism in this video more than the diet itself.

    Truth is, it’s hard to find a diet worse than the Standard Western one.

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