5 Responses to “The Saturated Fat Meta-Analysis: Butter is Not Back!”

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  1. David Sax says:

    Hey Howard
    Thanks for this info (and the other video about low fat vs low carb). Much appreciated. Do you ever reach out to the people or organizations like NYT, or Time or Mark Bittman with these types of insights or oversights and faulty conclusions?

  2. Howard says:

    Mark Bittman was at the event where I presented this critique, but I believe he left before my talk.

    Lots of plant-based researchers and doctors have been trying to get the Times to report more responsibly, but so far without much success.

  3. Matt says:

    fantastic, well done. So glad people like you can exspose how the media take what they want from a “study”, the anoying thing for me is the damage is done, people will have seen the picuture of the butter crurl and that will be enough for them, now we with the help of people like yourself have to try and turn the tide again. Just the other day a local Sydney tv station had a nutricain expert all of about 26 years old tell how important meat is, as she was waving around her fat arms, i could do a $60 on line course to and become a nutricanal expert, but again people will run with that because they saw it on tv and tv must be right. Anyway love your work, ill link to it on as many media platforms as i can.

    Thanks Matt

  4. MacSmiley says:

    Nice job! There are a LOT of problems with this study, but keeping to one issue in one video is simply smart. I’d love to see a series of videos about the problems this study demonstrates with tricker…um… methodology.

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