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“Beat the Bully”: How to overcome the “You’ll always be this way” voice

We often want to change our habits and behaviors so we can get different results.

  • We want to eat differently to lose weight and get healthy.
  • We want to exercise daily and exert appropriately to get fit and feel good in our bodies.
  • We want to start a meditation practice to feel powerful and peaceful in our minds.

And yet we don't seem to make changes, or we make changes and can't maintain them.

And after that goes on for a while (like, all our lives), we start feeling defeated even before we begin.

“Now’s the Time”

You know that “now’s the time” feeling you sometimes get when you get in touch with a powerful motivation?

  • Maybe you get excited about a self-help book, program or method.
  • Maybe you get scared by the number on the scale or the results of a blood test or the warning tone in the doctor's voice.
  • Maybe you think about the future and say to yourself, “This stops now.”

You commit to making the change, this time, finally, for real, for keeps.

And then the voice in our head mocks you:

“Come on, you've failed every time you've tried. Why should this time be any different? You’ll always be this way. Just give up and get used to it.”

You feel deflated, despairing, and disempowered before you even begin.

And the change effort quickly falters and becomes another case of self-fulfilling prophesy.

Can you overcome the inner voice that predicts future failure based on past failures? Or are you doomed to keep your old ways and limiting habits until you die?

How to Change the Script

I wrestled with my inner bully for decades, so I know something about this problem. And with the help of wise and compassionate guides and counselors and coaches, I've discovered four simple ways to change the script that determines what I will and won’t do.

I share them in the “Beat the Bully” report, which you can get by entering your name and email in the box below.
Let's Beat that Bully!

I’ve kept them simple on purpose. While it’s often useful and meaningful work to dive deep into our past and the inner workings of our minds, it’s not necessary for rewriting the script.

And one of the ways we keep ourselves stuck is by believing that we have to achieve deep change in order to manifest external change.

In fact, the reverse is usually truer – we have to change our surface thoughts and actions before we trust ourselves enough to go deep.

Ready to get started?
Let's Beat that Bully!