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How to Make a Documentary Film: Charlie Morris on PYP 515

Charlie Morris is a self-taught documentarian who highlights environmental issues to help sway public opinion and affect policy. We talk about how he goes about his work.

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How to Not Suck on Zoom: Alfred Poor on PYP 497

One reason for Zoom fatigue is the poor quality of other people’s audio and video. Today’s episode shows you how to become a Zoom pro – to influence others more powerfully and to connect more deeply.

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How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

A new member of Sick to Fit asked, “How do you address a lack of self esteem, or how do you keep going when regret, guilt, frustration, etc., make you question if the effort is worth it?”
In this video, I talk about how to keep going when your thoughts and feelings are all undermining your resolve.

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A Super-easy, Filling, Healthy and Delicious Breakfast

Demo: Preparing a filling, nutrient-rich, and yummy breakfast bowl couldn’t get any quicker or easier.

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How to Stick to Your Diet
When All Hell Breaks Lose

Knobology is the ability to turn the knobs of your own behavior in real time, in response to changing life circumstances. It’s the opposite of rigid adherence to a prescribed plan with no freedom to deviate.

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A Counterintuitive Mind Hack for When You Feel Like Giving Up

When your mind tells you that you’ll never change, and that you’re destined to keep struggling forever with diet, or exercise, or any other bad habit, it’s easy to convince yourself to give up.

But there’s a simple “mind hack” that you can employ, to change your inner dialog, that can give you the tools you need to keep making progress.

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How to Survive Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving is a time for family, tradition, and gratitude. So what do we do when we can’t be near our families? When we can’t participate in our traditions? When we feel anything *but* grateful?

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How to Change Your Health Habits:
Mind Hacks to Get Out of Victim Mode

When we’re stuck in habit patterns that don’t serve our best interests, part of the reason is our minds go into “victim mode.” That is, we tell ourselves a story that takes away our power to change.
In this video, I’ll share three signs that you’re operating out of victim mode, and give you three “mind hacks” to restore your power.

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Six True Lies About Your Food Struggles

Do you binge because you’re eating for emotional reasons, or because your body isn’t designed to say no to hyper-palatable food?

To change how you eat, should you love yourself, or be tough on yourself?

And it is better to learn to eat intuitively, or to create hard and fast rules?

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Is “Cheat” Really the Word You Want to Use?

When clients talk about “cheat days” and “cheat meals,” they’re fooling themselves in two very significant ways.

In this video, I talk about what “cheating” is and isn’t, and offer a different lens through which to think about goals and deviation from them.

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