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Free webinar: The 7 High Hurdles to Weight Loss and Health: How We Sabotage Ourselves and How We can Stop

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Have you spent years meaning to get fit and healthy, but there always seems to be something standing in the way?

Have you tried dieting a hundred times, to the point where you're just about ready to give up?

Have you read the books by plant-based authors like T. Colin Campbell, Garth Davis, me, Joel Fuhrman, John McDougall, Neal Barnard, Rip Esselstyn, and Michael Greger – and you still find yourself “cheating” and giving in to temptation?

Are you confused about what to eat, how to shop, when to cook, and what to do at restaurants and on trips?

Or worse – do you know what to do, but can't control yourself when it comes to saying no to the temptations all around you?

Are you too overwhelmed and exhausted to think about starting an exercise program?

Do you long to say YES to yourself, your health, your values, and your life – and finally take that “Step of No Return” toward the Big Change you still (barely) dream about?

What's Been Stopping You?

Before you can change the pattern, you have to understand what's been holding you back.

Through working with thousands of students and clients over the years, my writing and teaching partner Josh LaJaunie and I have identified the 7 Highest Hurdles that trip up most people as they try valiantly to lose weight and get healthy once and for all.

And next week, Josh and I are going to share them with you, and show you how to leap over them with ease and grace.

About Josh LaJaunie

Josh is your ideal guide: a former 420-pound (at least; he never found a scale that was up to the task) ex-hunting, ex-fishing, college dropout who defied the odds by turning into a competitive plant-based ultra-marathoner.

Last year, he graced the cover of Runner's World magazine – how's that for a Big Change?

About Howard Jacobson

I'm the founder and host of the Plant Yourself Podcast; contributing author to Proteinaholic (Garth Davis, MD) and Whole (T. Colin Campbell, PhD); performance and wellness coach; and professional marketer (turns out a marketing background is just the ticket as I show my students how not to get snowed by marketing-disguised-as-science paid for by Big Food and Big Pharma).

And under Josh's tutelage, I've turned into an endurance athlete myself. Next month I'll be competing in my second 50k race, and I'm back to my high school weight (for the first time since 1990!)

Announcing a Zero-Cost Webinar: The 7 High Hurdles to Weight Loss and Health

Join us next week for a powerful presentation on how to succeed in losing weight and getting healthy, even – hell, especially! – if you're failed time after time up until now.

You'll discover the hurdles that trip up 99% of the people who don't make lasting progress – or who kick ass for a while and then slide back into old habits.

And you'll find out how Josh – and hundreds like him – turned their lives around by leapfrogging over the hurdles (or in some cases, by just recognizing and walking calmly around them). And how you can too.

The webinar will last for 1 hour, included live Q&A.

To accommodate as many participants as possible, we're holding the webinar twice, next Tuesday 9/19 and Wednesday 9/20 at 8pm US Eastern Time (yes, we will be live both nights).

Use one of the links below to register and reserve your space:

8:30pm EDT Tuesday, Sep 19: Click here to register

8pm EDT Wednesday, Sep 20: Click here to register

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions. Make sure you copy the webinar to your calendar so you remember to show up.

What's the Catch?

Any time something is free, there must be a catch, right?

Well, I've published over 200 episodes of the Plant Yourself Podcast for free, and the only catch is you have to listen to me say “um” a lot.

And this webinar is free – but there is a tiny catch.

Josh and I are looking for people who want to work with us intensively in the upcoming Big Change Program. And we're hoping that of all the folks who tune in to one of the webinars, some of you will resonate with our passion, our methodology, and the Big Change format. And that you'll decide that it will be money well spent (often a fraction of what you're spending on meds or crappy food or unused gym memberships every month).

BUT – this webinar is not a thinly veiled sales pitch for the Big Change Program. It's not marketing disguised as science – I hate that shit!

Instead, it's a content-rich, actionable treasure trove of wisdom from a couple of guys who have made all the mistakes and can spare you that same painful, over-long journey.

Think of the webinar as a sampler table at Costco. After tasting what we've got to offer, if you like it, we hope you'll come back for more.

Here are the registration links again:

8:30pm EDT Tuesday, Sep 19: Click here to register

8pm EDT Wednesday, Sep 20: Click here to register


PS We're not asking you to believe us – yet. Why should you, if you've been burned dozens of time before. All we're asking is that you suspend your disbelief long enough to decide for yourself if our approach makes more sense than anything you've heard or tried before.

PPS Do you know someone who should attend? Please send them a link to this page. Thanks.