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anjali-shahIn a recent email from, a smartphone app devoted to positive habit formation, I was introduced to a healthy eating coach named Anjali Shah.

Since a lot of the community is in love with versions of paleo, I was happy to see a health coach dedicated to helping people transition to a truly healthy diet, with little or no animal products or heavily refined foods.

So I moseyed over to Anjali's food blog, The Picky Eater, and checked it out.

The blog is gorgeous. Well designed, well laid out, and full of delicious-sounding recipes accompanied by mouth-watering photos.

I'm not shy about reaching out to big shots when it comes to this podcast, so I emailed her to invite her on as a guest. I didn't have high hopes, since she had already scored more PR than I've ever dreamed of.

She's been on the Food Network, the Dr. Oz Show,, Cosmo UK, Reader's Digest, Shape Magazine, Women's Health Magazine, the Whole Foods Market website, and much more. I figured I'd get a canned answer from her PR firm telling me she's booked solid until 2023.

So I was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal response from Anjali a few days later, graciously accepting the invitation.

When we had our “pre-game” chat to prepare for the interview, I was shocked to discover that she doesn't have a PR department. Or a marketing department. Or any kind of a department. Heck, food blogging and health coaching isn't even her fulltime job.

Anjali has somehow managed to become famous and influential in the world of food without even trying. She just puts out her content and the world comes to her.

OK, now I was intrigued. Having experienced the other side of this – being an author desperate to get a 30-second soundbite during the 5am slot on some AM radio station in rural Ontario – I wanted to discover the secrets of Anjali's effortless appeal to some of the biggest media outlets in the food and lifestyle universe.

Because cracking that code can allow all of us to become more powerful advocates for healthy and regenerative ways of living. Imagine becoming an ace marketer to yourself, giving yourself messages that enable you to make positive choices in line with your big values.

Imagine sharing your lifestyle so positively and seductively that family and friends are naturally drawn to “what you've having,” as the famous line in Harry Met Sally put it.

And imagine being able to cut through the media clutter and nonsense with messages of lifestyle and health sanity that empower people, rather than leaving them more hopeless and confused.

In our interview, Anjali and I cover:

  • the double meaning of “picky eater” – and why we should embrace that epithet with pride
  • Anjali's struggle with the Freshman 15 – and how she ended it victoriously
  • the most important mindset needed when faced with someone clinging to a behavior that doesn't serve them
  • how her “pizza, ice cream, and French fries” husband led to start The Picky Eater – and honed her cooking skills in the process
  • how to defuse the “pressure to be perfect” when attempting significant change
  • the “small and simple” approach to improving our diet
  • how to have fun with spices
  • how to prepare food efficiently when you have a fulltime job at Google, a part-time job as a health coach, a popular blog, and a toddler
  • how to raise infants and toddlers to love eating plants
  • how to get found by giant media outlets without trying
  • the secret to healthy moderation
  • and much more…

Oh, and here's a word cloud comprised of 6 months of posts on The Picky Eater Facebook page. See if you can figure out at a glance the secret to her success:


Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.


The Picky Eater on Facebook – smartphone app for creating positive habits


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