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Stop Self-Sabotage: How to Avoid the 3 Top Pitfalls that Kill Momentum


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We've all been through the “honeymoon phase” when adopting a new habit or behavior.

  • We buy the treadmill and work out religiously for the first two weeks.
  • We throw out all the cheese and avoid dairy for the entire month of June.
  • We download the meditation app and sit steadfastly every morning for 10 days.

And then…

  • We feel sore and skip one day on the treadmill – and a month later it's a space-hogging towel rack destined for Craigslist.
  • Our office has a pizza party and we break down and eat nine slices (included three cold ones the next morning when nobody's looking).
  • We wake up late on Saturday and can't quite fit the meditation in, and before we know it sitting has become a faint memory with no relevance whatsoever to our regular life.

What happened?

What happened is, life happened.

Life always happens.

And if we don't understand how to navigate the unexpected, the stressful, and the challenging, then our efforts to improve our healthy habits and behaviors will always crash and burn. As soon as life stops being perfectly cooperative.

The truth is, it's really easy to self-sabotage our changes. Even with the best of intentions, old habits die hard. Cravings claw tenaciously at our reptilian brains. The path of least resistance beckons constantly.

And if we don't understand the immutable laws of change, we'll give in and backslide every single time.

The Stopping Self-Sabotage Report

A friend asked me recently, “How do I get out of my own way when I try to change a habit? Everything goes well at first, but then I run up against these mindset habits that prevent me from sticking to it.”

I could hear the frustration in his question, and I was moved to write as thorough and deep an answer as possible, to help him move from stuckness to progress.

And that's how the Stopping Self-Sabotage Report was born.

It deconstructs the three biggest mindset errors that derail our efforts and crush our momentum just when things seem to be going well.

And it gives three strategies for correcting each of those errors.

This report is simple, actionable, and powerful.

If you've been falling victim to self-sabotage, and have all but given up on making lasting change, I urge you to download, print out, and carefully read it.

You can grab it here:

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