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Overcoming OCD and Anxiety: Robert James on PYP 570

What is obsessive-compulsive disorder? What are the symptoms, and what’s the lived experience? And how can we overcome it and live a full and satisfying life?

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Are We Having Fun Yet?: Mike Rucker on PYP 548

We can get so caught up in duty and obligation and self-improvement that we neglect one of the key elements of a good life: plain old fun.

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Helping Stressed-Out Kids Cope with Life: Shoshana Chaim on PYP 460

How can we help children deal with stress? Today’s guest, Shoshana Chaim, shares the strategies from her new book, “I Am a Peaceful Goldfish.”

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The Stunning New Science of Breathing:
Dr Ryan Robinson on PYP 422

Ryan Robinson, DDS, is a unicorn in the medical world: a dentist who helps people open up their airways and learn how to breathe properly. Breathe properly? What are you talking about?, I hear you say. If I’m alive, then I must be breathing properly, right? Not exactly. Read More