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PR Firms

I'm open to pitches, and I expect you to do the work of connecting your pitch to my goals, audience, and philosophy. The minimum required for that is to listen to at least three episodes:

Me and my philosophy
An episode in the “Healing Foods” category
An episode in the “Habit Science” category

I'm a stickler for this because I get so many clueless pitches of guests who are totally inappropriate for my podcast. And an equal number of pitches where I'm supposed to do all the work to look up the guest and figure out why I should talk to them.

I'm not lacking for guests – there are way more people in the world that I want to interview than I have time for. So please make my life easy by explaining exactly why your client is a good fit for my audience and mission.

I promote a whole food, plant-based diet. I don't want to talk to anyone promoting keto, paleo, Hollywood Cookie, South Beach, Atkins, or any diet that isn't compatible with a zero-animal products, zero processed food way of eating.

I don't talk to people promoting supplements, pills, powders, shakes, or potions.

My guests have something important to say, and say it in a clear and interesting way.

My guests share their expertise freely, and are comfortable having free-flowing conversations. There is no pitching of products or services. At the end of the interview, I ask my guests how listeners can stay in touch, at which point they can share their websites and social media accounts.

I don't guarantee that I'll publish interviews. They have to meet my standards, which doesn't always happen.

If all that seems OK, I look forward to hearing from you.