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Habit Science

Addicted to Spontaneous Decision-Making: Glenn Livingston, PhD on PYP 459

Glenn Livingston talks about the evolution of Never Binge Again, his system to help people conquer emotional eating and gain control over their relationship with food.

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Can You Change Other People?
Howard on Chef AJ Live: PYP 454

It’s so painful to see your loved ones suffer unnecessarily. Can you change the people around you, when they’re eating poorly and not taking care of their health?

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Discover YOUR Optimal Diet and Lifestyle Through Data:
Dr Casey Means on PYP 443

Tired of the nutrition debates? Confused about what YOU should be eating? Dr Casey Means of Levels Health shares the power of closed-loop data to change our lives – and health destinies – for the better. Read More

How to Break a Bad Habit Using a Juggler’s Secret

In this video, I demonstrate the Juggler’s Secret to Breaking Bad Habits.

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How to Get Better at Life Every Single Day

Do you ever wonder why you’re constantly being asked to identify squares with traffic lights, bicycles, crosswalks, buses, and motorcycles when you try to log into certain websites?
The answer holds an important clue about how you can improve your own “healthy life algorithm.”

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How to Become Intuitive: Christin Bummer on PYP 441

Christin Bummer used to lavish care on dogs via her Canine Kingdom business. Now she coaches humans to give similar consideration to themselves.  In our conversation, we explore the fruitful and scary landscape of operating intuitively rather than adhering to preordained rules.

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How to Put Slip-ups in Their Place So You Can Keep Moving Forward

When you slip up and don’t follow your food or movement rules, it’s easy to conclude that you just don’t have the discipline or motivation to succeed.
In this video, I try to convince you that not only is that total BS, but you’re actually committing a serious federal crime if you act on that belief by giving up.

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How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

A new member of Sick to Fit asked, “How do you address a lack of self esteem, or how do you keep going when regret, guilt, frustration, etc., make you question if the effort is worth it?”
In this video, I talk about how to keep going when your thoughts and feelings are all undermining your resolve.

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How to Stick to Your Diet
When All Hell Breaks Lose

Knobology is the ability to turn the knobs of your own behavior in real time, in response to changing life circumstances. It’s the opposite of rigid adherence to a prescribed plan with no freedom to deviate.

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Mind Hacks for Getting Through a Pandemic: Josh LaJaunie on PYP 440

Josh LaJaunie returns to talk about his strategies for staying sane, strong, and fit during the pandemic.  Read More