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Habit Science

My Coaching Evolution: Glenn Livingston interviews Howie Jacobson: PYP 567

My coaching has changed a lot over the past 20 years. Here’s how I now help clients achieve lasting, effortless, transformational change.

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The Art and Neuroscience of Transformational Change: Dr Tori Olds on PYP 553

For most of the 20th century, neuroscientists believed that old emotional memories could only be managed, not removed. Until the discovery of Memory Reconsolidation…

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Becoming a Brave Athlete – and Screen Writer! – with Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson: PYP 550

Five years after Lesley and Simon appeared on this podcast to talk about how to set and achieve athletic goals, Lesley just won a BAFTA for screenwriting. So let’s listen again to this 2018 conversation for clues about how to live a brave life.

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How to Live Based on Values, Not Impulses: Russ Harris on PYP 547

Russ Harris, author of the bestselling The Happiness Trap, shares techniques and practices for unhooking from the mind’s dictates to live a joyful, authentic, and purpose-driven life.

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How to Stop Rebelling Against Your Own Best Interests

Rebelling against unjust and unhealthy systems is great. But what about when we rebel against our own best interests? Read More

How to Make Your Next Decision: Nika Kabiri on PYP 496

How happy are you with the outcomes of the decisions you’ve made? Would you like to get better at decision-making? Today’s guest shows you how.

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Change is a Break with the Past: Peter Bregman on PYP 483

Is it possible to change other people for the better? Or should we just mind our own business, and concentrate on ourselves?

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How to Change (Science-based Edition): Katy Milkman on PYP 477

How can you change your habits with ease and confidence, and without shame and struggle? Behavioral scientist Katy Milkman has answers.

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Learning to Listen: A Guide to Ethical Mindfulness: Lani Muelrath on PYP 472

My dear friend Lani returns to the podcast to talk about her latest book, Mindfulness, published under the Conscious Care Guides imprint. 

We had our usual freewheeling conversation, with some tears and lots of laughter.

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Exercise Doesn’t Burn More Calories and You Should Do It Anyway: Herman Pontzer on PYP 471

The formula to lose weight is obvious: eat less, move more. Unfortunately, it’s wrong. And it’s not because “calories don’t matter.” Discover the new science of metabolism with Herman Pontzer, PhD.

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