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The Art and Neuroscience of Transformational Change: Dr Tori Olds on PYP 553

For most of the 20th century, neuroscientists believed that old emotional memories could only be managed, not removed. Until the discovery of Memory Reconsolidation…

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Is now the best or worst time to become a health coach?

I’ve been engaged in a grand debate with myself about that question for several weeks now.

This article shares four reasons to become a health coach during the pandemic, and three reasons not to.

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How to Really Change Habits with Kevin Davis: PYP 320

Kevin Davis is a WellStart Health “Supercoach,” and co-leader of the WellStart Health Coach Training Academy.Today we talk about his story, from being the “fat kid” in high school, to getting into bodybuilding and embracing extreme keto, to a traumatic car crash that led to years of agoraphobia, to his plant-based journey and healing of… Read More

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