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Howard Jacobson on Staying True to My Mission: PYP 281

Yup, that’s me, talking directly to you in this episode.  I wanted to take a break from the guest-interview format because I have a lot on my mind. Yesterday was my 53 birthday, and would have been my dad’s 100th (he and my mom planned well ;). Read More

Nourishing Our Brains and Preventing Dementia with Ayesha Sherzai, MD: PYP 279

Ayesha Sherzai, MD, is one half of Team Sherzai, along with her husband, Dean (also MD). She’s codirector of the Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University, where she leads the Lifestyle Program for the Prevention of Neurological Diseases. She’s got three lifetime’s worth of degrees (preventive medicine, neurology, advanced research methodology, lifestyle… Read More

Becoming a Health Mechanic with Phil Green: PYP 248

Phil Green is a heavy equipment mechanic for the military. Which is to say, he can fix things that people rely on for their lives. And yet his own body was in a terrible state of disrepair. As a red, white, and blue son of Texas, Phil’s diet was (in his own words) “fried everything.” Except… Read More

Do I Hate Myself? Reflections on Hedonism

How can we enjoy life if we constantly deprive ourselves of the good things?

Read More