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Energy Healing

Midterms and Energizing Outcomes: Howie Jacobson on PYP 539

My walking thoughts on today’s midterms, individual and social change, and healing our collective trauma while fighting against fascism.

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The Benefits of Qi Gong: Michael Gelb on PYP 534

What’s a simple, elegant, free, convenient, and scientifically validated practice that combines the benefits of exercise, meditation, and relaxation?

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Exploring the Pathless Land of Truth with Jeff Stanford: PYP 239

Jeff Stanford combines a scientist’s mind with a vegan’s heart and a mystic’s soul. He’s co-founder of the Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, California, an eco-resort complete with a fully vegan restaurant, The Ravens. Sid Garza-Hillman, who’s the nutritionist at the Stanford Inn, suggested that Jeff would provide fascinating content for the podcast, and… Read More

The Healing Power of EFT with Robyn Chuter: PYP 186

Robyn Chuter is a plant-based “recovering naturopath” and wellness researcher from New South Wales, Australia. She’s particularly interested in how groups of people support each other’s health journeys, and is currently running an ethnographic study on a whole food, plant-based Facebook support group to identify effective strategies and barriers to behavior change. Read More

Jamie Gannon on Brain Cancer, Golden Tickets, and Silver Linings: PYP 155

When Jamie Gannon was 27, he was an aspiring actor living the dream in Hollywood. Reading for films, TV, and commercials. Working his day job. Working out to keep his leading man physique. Taking voice and acting classes. And living a healthy, active life. When it all fell apart, thanks to a golf-ball sized malignant… Read More

PYP 083: Kerry Kay on Healing in the Midst of Uncertainty

Kerry Kay is a tango dancer, energy healer, motorcycle rider, and dear friend. As you’ll hear, she performed a Reiki healing on me many years ago, when I didn’t believe in that sort of thing. I went on not believing, even as I experienced something pretty remarkable (if not downright miraculous). Over the years, my… Read More