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Practical Ethics for Our Time: Peter Singer on PYP 555

Peter Singer pretty much launched the animal rights and animal welfare movements in 1975 with the publication of Animal Liberation. Forty-eight years later, he’s got a revised edition coming out: Animal Liberation Now.

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Midterms and Energizing Outcomes: Howie Jacobson on PYP 539

My walking thoughts on today’s midterms, individual and social change, and healing our collective trauma while fighting against fascism.

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Philosophical Ramblings: Glenn Murphy on PYP 506

Glenn Murphy returns to the podcast to discuss philosophy, practicality, hypotheticals, counterfactuals, and how to live a good life while embedded in uncertainty and ambiguity.

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Navigating Life with Evidence, Reason, and Compassion: Jamie Woodhouse on PYP 492

What would it look like to extend compassion to all sentient beings? And can we get there through reason, rather than because a deity or prophet told us so?

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