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Plant Medicine

The Wise Women of Psychedelia: Rachel Harris, PhD, on PYP 559

There have been women practicing psychedelic healing in anonymity for decades. What can they teach our modern culture about developing safe, effective, and respectful relationships with these powerful substances?

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Psychedelics as Medicine: Lynn Marie Morski on PYP 499

Many plants and synthetic substances that can profoundly improve our mental and physical health are currently illegal. Lynn Marie Morski is working to change that, by educating healthcare professionals and connecting activists with communities in need of healing.

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Learning from Sacred Plants with Amber Antonelli and Anthony Esposito: PYP 338

Amber Antonelli and Anthony Esposito run the Awaken Your Soul iboga retreat center in Costa Rica. Iboga is the name of a plant native to Gabon and neighboring West African countries that acts as a psychedelic, or as Amber and Anthony put it, a “teacher plant.” Read More