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Public Health

What’s the Deal with Workplace Burnout?: Mark Butler on PYP 584

There’s an epidemic of burnout in the modern workplace. What’s causing it? And how can we prevent and treat it?

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True Privilege is Growing Up in a Low-Trauma Environment: Momma Kai Sanders on PYP 566

Momma Kai returns to the podcast to share her vision for a world without poverty or homelessness.

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Helping the Unhoused – and Homeless – Move From Poverty to Prosperity: Momma Kai Sanders on PYP 562

How can we end homelessness? Unhoused activist and visionary Momma Kai shares her experiences and solutions.

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How Palm Oil, Colonialism, and Greed Have Endangered the World: Jocelyn Zuckerman on PYP 543

In terms of human suffering and environmental destruction, there’s little that can compare to the global trade in palm oil. Today’s guest takes us on a hard yet vital journey of discovery and understanding.

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Saying Yes to the Impulse of Freedom: David Berceli, PhD on PYP 524

David Berceli turned a couple of overwhelming constraints into a revolutionary way to help people heal from trauma.

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Protecting Ourselves from GMOs: Jeffrey Smith on PYP 501

Are GMO crops and microbes safe and effective ways of improving agriculture and feeding our crowded planet, or ticking time bombs that threaten our health and the future of life on earth?

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Wearing (and Being) Nature: Jeff Scult on PYP 495

Fast fashion is a disaster. For the planet, for the oppressed workers, and for the souls of those who are constantly exhorted to throw out their clothes and buy new ones. Today’s guest offers an antidote.

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Bringing Lifestyle Medicine to Black Women: Aajay Shah and Meryl Fury on PYP 484

Black women in America suffer more from obesity and chronic disease than any other demographic. In this conversation, we talk about why, and what to do about it.

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Exercise Doesn’t Burn More Calories and You Should Do It Anyway: Herman Pontzer on PYP 471

The formula to lose weight is obvious: eat less, move more. Unfortunately, it’s wrong. And it’s not because “calories don’t matter.” Discover the new science of metabolism with Herman Pontzer, PhD.

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How Our Communities Can Get Healthy at Last:
Eric Adams on PYP 432

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams returns to the podcast to talk about his new book, Healthy at Last. Part family memoir, part political mission statement, part science review, part self-help book, and part cookbook, this is a celebration of the possibilities of health for the American people in general, and the Black community in particular.… Read More