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Meat without Animals: Paul Shapiro on PYP 523

Humans will not stop eating and mistreating animals until animal-free meat is as delicious, convenient, and inexpensive as animal products. Today’s guest explains how that’s going to happen.

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The Biology of Resilience: Taylor Sittler, MD, on PYP 519

What’s the connection between psychological and biological resilience? What tools do we have to increase our resilience, so we can bounce back faster and stronger to challenges, whether physical or emotional?

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How to Not Suck on Zoom: Alfred Poor on PYP 497

One reason for Zoom fatigue is the poor quality of other people’s audio and video. Today’s episode shows you how to become a Zoom pro – to influence others more powerfully and to connect more deeply.

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Batteries Made From Plants?: Virginia Klausmeier on PYP 490

Can plant-based batteries combat planetary overheating and help save the world? Today’s guest is betting yes.

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Supporting Spirituality Through Technology: Danielle Roberts on PYP 435

Danielle Roberts is a visual artist, technologist, and meditator. She’s the creator of MeditationLab, whose mission is to support spirituality through technology, and AwarenessLab, which develops tools for awareness from a technological, artistic, and experiential perspective.

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Empathy is Stronger than Fear:
Glenn Murphy on PYP 416

Glenn Murphy returns to Plant Yourself to talk about how we can self-regulate our emotions and actions during a time of great societal upheaval and division. We talk about our own impulses to “fight” with others, and where there’s a messy intertwining of good intentions and unresolved psychological issues. We discuss the physiology of the… Read More