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Plant Yourself Podcast Guest Page

Thanks for being a guest on the podcast!

A little bit about Plant Yourself:

The Plant Yourself Podcast features weekly interviews with fascinating researchers and DOers in the fields of health, wellbeing, environmental healing, planetary justice, and personal and cultural metamorphosis.

Where to find the Plant Yourself Podcast:

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Where to find Howie:

Twitter  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn  |  Instagram  |  Email: ho************@gm***.com

Recording Setup:


Please make sure you'll be in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed, and you have a working microphone (not your computer's internal mic) and headset of at least decent quality. At a minimum, you can plug in Apple earbuds or AirPods.

Here's a pretty inexpensive USB mic/headset combo that works well on any computer with a USB input.

If you'd like to achieve broadcast quality audio, here are a couple of classic mics that will plug into any computer's USB port:

Audio-Technica ATR-2100 (you can use this for fronting your rock band as well, since it also has an XLR output jack)

Blue Yeti (big and heavy, will make you feel like you have an R2D2 statue on your desk – very resonant sound)

And for the best audio for you (and zero “bleed” from your speakers back into your microphone, which is what causes that annoying echo on Zoom calls), you'll look like a bona fide broadcaster with the classic Sony MDR7506 headphones.


I typically use video for conversations since it's much easier to flow back and forth if we can see each other. I like to post the video of our conversation as well as the audio. For good video quality, set up somewhere with a clean, professional background. Make sure you aren't backlit. Have good lighting on your face (not too bright, but bright enough that it isn't grainy.

If your computer webcam isn't great, I highly recommend the Logitech C920x USB webcam. You'll enjoy it in many future Zoom meetings, so it's a good investment.

I use a dedicated Canon DSLR with a dedicated fixed lens as my webcam, which provides really professional quality video. It ain't cheap, but if you spend hours a day in Zoom meetings, it will get you noticed in a good way.

If you're unable to achieve decent video quality, or just aren't comfortable on video, let me know, and I'll publish the audio only.

Any questions, please email me at ho************@gm***.com.

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to our conversation!