PYP 069: How to Keep Kids Healthy Even if They’re in Daycare

Sparked by a situation in my own family, I devoted this episode to supporting parents who send their kids to daycare and still want to feed them well. I reached out to my network of “Here's how to do it” genius educators and collated the short interviews into this comprehensive and hopefully valuable resource.

ana-negronFirst I spoke to Dr. Ana Negron of Greens on a Budget. She revealed:

  • how to know how much food to give your child each day
  • easy 1-ingredient “make-ahead” meals that will make your mouth water while they're cooking
  • how to choose healthy foods your child will love by categorizing their preferences
  • how to get your infant or toddler to tell you what they want to eat
  • three surprising ways to stuff medjool dates
  • the one beverage our kids can't do without

chef-ajNext up was Chef AJ of Eat Unprocessed, who shared:

  • ninja travel tips that apply directly to feeding children in day care
  • how to plan a week's worth of meals
  • a powerful book to share with daycare directors
  • the obvious question: “What did you feed your kid before daycare?”
  • how to make things easier by ignoring social norms about food
  • the three soups Chef AJ makes on a regular basis

sharon-mcraeThird was plant-based food coach Sharon McRae of Eat Well Stay Well, who explained:

  • how she gets her kids' friends to eat black beans and kale (and shocks their parents)
  • the importance of the parents as role models
  • the “bulk cooking” strategy
  • how to use a pressure cooker to stock your fridge and freezer with lots of healthy food
  • items for the well-stocked healthy pantry
  • the “muffin pan technique” that goes way beyond muffins for approximating the unhealthy finger foods that other kids are eating
  • the non-apologetic mindset and approach that works with daycare staff and directors


Dr Ana Negron

From Dr Negron's website: Snacks and meals for young children

Leakproof Bento-style Lunchbox (for room temperature foods)

Bento Lunch Jar (for hot or cold foods)

Organic Medjool dates

Chef AJ

Book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Disease-Proof Your Child

Sharon McRae

Instant Pot electric pressure cooker / slow cooker

Cathy Fisher's recipe blog

The Disease-Proof Your Child Facebook Group

Nutrient Rich Cookie Recipe

Chef AJ's Split Pea Soup Recipe




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