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Aging Admirably

The Wise Women of Psychedelia: Rachel Harris, PhD, on PYP 559

There have been women practicing psychedelic healing in anonymity for decades. What can they teach our modern culture about developing safe, effective, and respectful relationships with these powerful substances?

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Fasting vs Long COVID: Roger Talbott on PYP 558

What’s it like to suffer from Long COVID in one’s 70s? And can water fasting bring about healing?

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The Inner Work of Age: Dr Connie Zweig on PYP 541

Aging can be a hard ride, as we let go of everything that made us who we are. Or it can be an opportunity for spiritual growth as we drop roles in exchange for connection to our souls.

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Design the Long Life You Love: Ayse Birsel on PYP 540

What makes for a meaningful and joyful long life? Is it just random, or can you proactively design it?

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Die Young – As Late as Possible: Bob and Fran German on PYP 529

“The worst years of our lives turned out to be the best ones.” – Wisdom from healthy and happy octogenarians.

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Get Fit Quick: Ed Coyle on PYP 448

What’s the most efficient way to exercise for fitness and health? And what’s the most effective? Turns out there’s a single answer to both questions: 4-second all-out intervals.

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Broccoli alone won’t get you to 100:
Marta Zaraska on PYP 418

For the last 7 years, I’ve worked to improve human health and wellbeing by focusing on better nutrition, vigorous physical activity, sleep hygiene, and stress management. Turns out I may have been missing the most important determinants of health – the social ones. Marta Zaraska has written a book that is fun, fascinating, scientifically sound,… Read More

This is What Getting Older is Like with Matt Buckner: PYP 361

Matt Buckner’s low point came one day about 9 years ago, when he was 41. He was getting ready for an international business trip, and realized that one of his key medications, tramadol, was going to run out during the trip. The drug, which Matt took for the back pain caused by his morbid obesity,… Read More

Bouncing Back from Heart Disease with Ray Martin: PYP 339

Ray Martin, aka “Old Man Skin and Bones,” is on a mission to save others from what he went through: heart disease, expensive and unnecessary and potentially harmful medical care, and a bad case of the “If only I’d knowns.” Read More

Joel Kahn, MD, on Keto, Sex, and the Next Generation of Doctors: PYP 282

Welcome back to Joel Kahn, MD, one of the great gentle pugilists of the plant-based, evidence-based, lifestyle medicine movement. Joel has gotten a lot of air time since our last talk three years ago – he’s a regular on The Doctors, weighing in with actual science against some of the crazier nutritional theories of our time (ie vegetables are dangerous).

And he’s a publishing powerhouse, coming out with The Plant-Based Solution, The No B.S. Diet Book, Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses, and Vegan Sex, with Ellen Jaffe Jones.

So it’s no wonder that our conversation ranged all over the place. From Halle Berry’s tight buttocks (no, really) to why the ketogenic diet looks so good according to short-term research that ignores underlying progression of disease.

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