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My New Life in Spain: Howie Jacobson on PYP 561

I’ve been in Spain for 9 weeks now, and some listeners have requested a “stream of consciousness” episode from my new locale. Today we go on a walking tour of my new town, Sitges, as I discuss what my life has been like and what I’m thinking about over these past 2 months.

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How to Unlearn Bad Habits: Ana Gabriel Mann on PYP 521

Our bad habits can have deep roots, and superficial solutions only cause more distress. How can we pull out dysfunctional behaviors at the roots?

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Change is a Break with the Past: Peter Bregman on PYP 483

Is it possible to change other people for the better? Or should we just mind our own business, and concentrate on ourselves?

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Can You Change Other People?
Howard on Chef AJ Live: PYP 454

It’s so painful to see your loved ones suffer unnecessarily. Can you change the people around you, when they’re eating poorly and not taking care of their health?

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How to Change Other People Without Being an A-hole: Glenn Murphy and Howie Jacobson on PYP 453

Do ever have the urge to tell other people what they’re doing wrong? How can you help other people change without coming across as an a-hole?

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I Guess You Had to Be There

Are you sitting down? Because I have a shocker for you: sometimes, according to my wife, I can be exasperating.

The main thing is, I get on these health bandwagons, impulsively turn our world upside down, and then totally forget about it.

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360 Degrees of Pain

I can teach you how to ride a unicycle.

I tell you this not to brag, but to – aw, hell, who am I kidding? I tell you this to brag.

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Launching Your Next Chapter with Sanyin Siang: PYP 295

Sanyin Siang is a CEO Coach, Author, and the Executive Director of the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) at Duke University. In other words, quite a big deal. Read More

Harnessing Positive Emotions to Defeat Bad Habits with David DeSteno: PYP 292

Why do 92% of New Years’ Resolutions fail, one year on? Why has the current cultural obsession with grit and willpower failed to move the needle on our behaviors? And why do long-time Buddhist monks demonstrate more self-control than the rest of us? Today’s guest, David DeSteno, PhD, has been studying these and related issues… Read More

Healing through Hypnosis with Grace Smith: PYP 290

When Grace Smith resolved to quit smoking in 2011, she began with the most common approaches: nicotine gum, the patch, going cold turkey (is there a vegan equivalent to that phrase?).  When a single hypnotherapy session led her to quit that same day, she turned from a skeptic into a avid promoter.  Read More