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Fitness and Movement

The Joy of Movement with Kelly McGonigal: PYP 364

Kelly McGonigal is one of my favorite science/personal-development/psychology teachers and writers. And in a testament to her versatility and breadth of interests, her print books are in three different sections of my library: habits and behavioral science (The Willpower Instinct);  stress (The Upside of Stress); and exercise/movement (The Joy of Movement, her latest work.) Her… Read More

How Not to Diet with Michael Greger, MD: PYP 362

Michael Greger’s latest book, How Not to Diet, is just stunning.  It’s a love song to science: its potential, its process, even its limitations.  There has never been a more comprehensive, accessible, and evidence-based look at our current knowledge of how to get to and achieve a healthy weight. Read More

This is What Getting Older is Like with Matt Buckner: PYP 361

Matt Buckner’s low point came one day about 9 years ago, when he was 41. He was getting ready for an international business trip, and realized that one of his key medications, tramadol, was going to run out during the trip. The drug, which Matt took for the back pain caused by his morbid obesity,… Read More

Van der Waals Forces to the Rescue

When I was in 11th grade, I came in 3rd in the New Jersey Science League Chemistry II competition.

Which was odd.

I wasn’t one of the best chemistry students in the state, by far. I wasn’t even close to being the best chemistry student in my high school. Hell, I wasn’t close to be the best chemistry student in my chemistry class.

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Reversing the “Diseasification of America” with Jim Loomis, MD: PYP 358

Jim Loomis, MD is Medical Director of the Barnard Medical Center, and one of the stars of the blockbuster documentary The Game Changers. Dr Loomis’ journey to plant-based practice for himself and his patients began with a viewing of Forks Over Knives, at a time when his own health was starting to fail. Once he discovered… Read More

Combating BS with James “Lightning” Wilks: PYP 355

James Wilks is a producer, as well as narrator and chief instigator of The Game Changers, already the bestselling documentary of all time on iTunes. We talk about the 7-year odyssey of making the film, its effect on popular culture and our food choices, and his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast earlier this… Read More

Mindful and Pain-free Walking and Running with Danny and Katherine Dreyer: PYP 346

Danny and Katherine Dreyer are the co-authors of three of the most valuable books ever on human bipedal locomotion: Chi Running, Chi Walking, and Chi Marathon. The promise of their methodology is that you can walk or run a lot farther and faster, without pain or injury. Read More

Documenting the Possibilities of Health with Carly Asse: PYP 343

Carly Asse is a fitness trainer and documentarian. His first film, Unsupersize Me, has been seen over 3 million times, and has inspired and guided countless people to embark on their own journeys of healthy weight loss. Read More

Bouncing Back from Heart Disease with Ray Martin: PYP 339

Ray Martin, aka “Old Man Skin and Bones,” is on a mission to save others from what he went through: heart disease, expensive and unnecessary and potentially harmful medical care, and a bad case of the “If only I’d knowns.” Read More

Improving Athletic Performance Through Plants with Shiann Darkangelo: PYP 321

Shiann Darkangelo plays professional hockey for the Toronto Furies, in the Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey League.If that isn’t a place you’d expect to find a plant-based athlete, join the club!Shiann is not only one of the world’s best hockey players, but she’s a passionate plant-based coach and mentor. Read More