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Monstrous Marketing

Triangle Be Well TV: Informed Consent

On today’s show, the very first (!), I talk about the fundamental concept of Informed Consent, and how it’s almost never offered to patients in the healthcare system. And why. And how we can get the information we need to make informed decisions about options for treatment and our health destinies. Right-click to download the…

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PYP 125: (Bonus) Glenn Livingston and Howard Jacobson on Proteinaholic and Suspect Science

So I helped Dr Garth Davis write Proteinaholic, which came out this month (and is getting lots of love at the bookstores and in amazon reviews, so thank you very much). (Note to reader: for maximum effect, this next paragraph should be read in one long breath.) And the book basically says (spoiler alert) that… Read More

PYP 118: Andy Bellatti on Professional Integrity in Nutrition

Andy Bellatti became a card-carrying member of the American Dietetic Association (now Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – AND) as soon as he completed his training as a registered dietitian. It wasn’t long before Andy realized something was very wrong. Read More

Monstrous Marketing: Debunking the Bulletproof Diet

As if paleo weren’t ridiculous and harmful enough, the latest fad diet book takes the trend to an extreme that includes lacing one’s morning coffee with butter and coconut oil. The Bulletproof Diet recommends 50-60% of calories from fat (or as the author Dave Asprey puts it, “healthy fats”), 20% from protein, and the rest…

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Monstrous Marketing: Unbrainwashing Gatorade Athletes

Welcome to a new Plant Yourself feature: Monstrous Marketing. Marketing is a huge part of the reason most people are overweight and sick. So marketing has to become a huge part of the solution. In Monstrous Marketing, I’ll be sharing examples of misleading and manipulative marketing around diet and lifestyle, and suggest ways to neutralize…

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