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Tidings of Comfort or Joy: PYP 410

One day my grandfather punched someone in the face over some disagreement. The recipient of the blow, wounded more in pride than body, wobbled to a seat on the curb and began yelling, “Iodine! Police! Iodine! Police!” Read More

Staying off the Trauma Train with Shay Seaborne: PYP 409

Shay Seaborne is a trauma survivor, educator, and activist dedicated to demystifying trauma and helping people heal from – and with – Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). In our far-ranging conversation, we covered the origins of trauma, the mistaken societal beliefs that reinforce trauma and get in the way of healing, and ways of… Read More

Do You Want to Play a Game?: PYP 407

One of the hot trends in behavior modification is gamification – that is, turning our goals and activities into behavioral chunks in order to win points and, sometimes, prizes. Gamification has its place, but there are a couple of pitfalls to watch out for. How best to gamify, and when not to – these are… Read More

Why I won’t “wish you luck”: PYP 406

Often a coaching client will end a session by saying, “Wish me luck” after setting a goal and making a plan to achieve it. In health coaching, this phrase is a huge red flag that the client is going to fail. Read More

When There’s Nothing More to be Done: PYP 404

Sometimes I hear from clients that they’ve done all they can, and they can’t move the needle. They’re stuck. They’ve hit a plateau. And there’s simply nothing more to be done. What do we do then? Read More

Changing Your Thinking Isn’t Enough: PYP 403

Say you want to stop eating junk food, or drinking soda, or watching porn, or whatever. Maybe you’ve read a motivating article or seen a video, or gotten a scary medical result, or just got fed up at your current reality. So you set an intention, and then… you end up doing the same thing… Read More

How to Eat Less During a Pandemic: PYP 402

Lots of us are moving less during this stay-at-home time. But we’re often eating just as much, or more, or more frequently, or worse. It’s easy to say, “Just eat less,” but it’s not that easy to do. In this short episode, I share three strategies for reducing caloric intake without feeling deprived. Read More

The Power of Incantations: PYP 400

In the Jewish tradition, we say “Blessed is the righteous judge” upon hearing of a death. That’s pretty much the opposite of how we may feel at that moment. We’d rather lash out at the unfairness of it, rather than praising the deity that ordained the death. So that incantation gives us the space to… Read More

The Power of Diversity: PYP 397

One of the factors that weakens any system – a garden, a community, a nation – is lack of diversity. Monocultures provide economies of scale, but also opportunities for scaled disaster. A messy, diverse ecosystem is far healthier and more resilient. Today I talk about how we support diversity in our garden, and why the… Read More

Gardening with Nature: PYP 396

Today I talk about one element of my gardening practice and philosophy: working with, rather than against nature. This includes growing perennials, mulching with wood chips, and refraining from unnecessary tilling. Read More