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How to Engage in “Healthy Conflict”: Mark Goulston, MD, on PYP 545

Mark Goulston, MD, shares how to engage in healthy conflict, control your anger in tough situations, and defuse tension with “surgical empathy” and “radical patience.”

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Is It OK to be Ordinary?: Dr Ronald Siegel on PYP 532

Our society tells us to excel; to be special; to reach for the stars. But what’s the cost of setting the bar so high? Does it make us happy, or allow us to connect with the people around us? Can we be OK with being ordinary?

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How to Unlearn Bad Habits: Ana Gabriel Mann on PYP 521

Our bad habits can have deep roots, and superficial solutions only cause more distress. How can we pull out dysfunctional behaviors at the roots?

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Can Marriage be More Than a Lifetime of Compromises? Ana Gabriel Mann & John David Mann on PYP 516

What’s the purpose of marriage? Is it to get happiness for yourself? Give happiness to your partner? Or something bigger and grander that encompasses yet transcends both?

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Learning to Listen: A Guide to Ethical Mindfulness: Lani Muelrath on PYP 472

My dear friend Lani returns to the podcast to talk about her latest book, Mindfulness, published under the Conscious Care Guides imprint. 

We had our usual freewheeling conversation, with some tears and lots of laughter.

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The Science and Practice of Forgiveness: Nathaniel Wade, PhD, on PYP 449

Forgiveness sounds nice, and often feels like the hardest thing in the world. How can we learn to forgive others and ourselves without excusing terrible behavior?

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After the First Marriage: Learning and Growing in Relationship: Dr Susan Orenstein on PYP 445

What can we learned from “failed” relationships that can help us succeed next time? Couples therapist Susan Orenstein talks about her work helping people move on and grow after a first marriage. Read More