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Social Pressure

The Science of Breaking Bad Habits with Wendy Wood, PhD: PYP 353

Wendy Wood, PhD, knows more about the science of habit formation – and habit breaking – than just about anyone. Instead of applying conscious willpower to powerfully persistent patterns (yea, alliteration) of behavior, Wood’s research demonstrates the effectiveness of changing environmental cues to trigger new and different responses. Read More

Can My Relationships Survive My Veganism? with Melanie Joy, PhD: PYP 351

How can we advocate for human health, environmental sanity, and ethical treatment of animals without wrecking our relationships with family members, friends, partners, and coworkers? Melanie Joy joins the podcast to talk about her book Beyond Beliefs – essentially a merging of the political and relational. Read More

Harnessing Positive Emotions to Defeat Bad Habits with David DeSteno: PYP 292

Why do 92% of New Years’ Resolutions fail, one year on? Why has the current cultural obsession with grit and willpower failed to move the needle on our behaviors? And why do long-time Buddhist monks demonstrate more self-control than the rest of us? Today’s guest, David DeSteno, PhD, has been studying these and related issues… Read More

Three Words That Can Double Your Influence with Gregg Sparkman: PYP 268

A thought experiment: you walk into a restaurant wanting to encourage the patrons waiting on line to order – total strangers – to choose a plant-based option for lunch? And you can tell them one fact. What would it be, and how would you say it? Take your time; I’ll wait. [Jeopardy theme plays] Read More

Guest Post: Sue’s Holiday Buffet Thought Process

Sue Boyles is an alumna of the Big Change Program, and a plant-powered dynamo in her own right.

Her before-and-after-and-after photos (below) capture not just the weight loss part of her journey, but the real, meaningful changes have all occurred in Sue’s Inner Game.

Here’s a post she shared with her Big Change cohort this morning. It was so smart and empowering and inspiring, I got permission from Sue to share it with you. 

Read More