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I've been a “gun for hire” digital marketer for 15 years. You can check out my other business site at

I'm pretty well-known in the industry – I've written 3 editions of Google AdWords For Dummies, and I was recently named one of Entrepreneur magazine's 50 Favorite Online-Marketing Influencers of 2014.

I've worked in dozens of industry, from luxury travel to heavy industrial equipment to IT training to yoga to, gosh, you name it (except for, you know, porn and tobacco and Monsanto and nasty shit like that).

But my heart beats faster for green businesses and companies that empower people to Plant Themselves. Companies that help people eat better, feel better, get fit, develop themselves, tune in; stuff like that.

If that's you and you'd like to grow, give me a shout: hj AT plantyourself DOT com.

2 comments on “Consulting

  1. Kristi Artz says:

    Hi- I am a board certified emergency medicine doc in the process of transition into a lifestyle medicine focus. This has been years in the making and has required focused education on my part to fill in the gaps of knowledge that current medical school and residency curricula fail to address. I am excited and passionate about this lateral move. I have a great interest in culinary medicine and plant based nutrition. I did an informal mentorship with dr Joel Fuhrman and have completed dr Campbell’s PBN certificate program through Cornell. I am looking at utilizing telemedicine to reach patients. I would to connect with you and learn some strategies to make this transition a success. I look forward to hearing from you. Kristi

    1. Howard says:

      Hi Kristi,

      **@pl***********.com let’s talk… 🙂

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