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Thanks for your donation to the Plant Yourself Podcast!

Your generosity allows me to host the podcast and spend the time booking guests, preparing, doing post-production, and sharing the interviews.

Many many thanks!


8 comments on “Thanks for your donation to the Plant Yourself Podcast!

  1. Carolyn R Peterson says:

    Hi Howard,
    I’ve been listening to your podcasts regularly as I go on walks around my neighborhood. My favorites have been the Microbiome one, and the interview on “Never Split the Difference.” I find they encourage me on my healthy living path. You’ve found some very interesting speakers! Keep up the good work!

    1. Howard says:

      Thanks, Carolyn! I’ve been relistening to Milton Mills on the microbiome this week as I prepare to teach a class. It’s awe-inspiring stuff, isn’t it?

      And Chris Voss is one of my favorite human beings too!

  2. tahiya says:

    I listen to most of the episodes of the podcast and I find that your intelligent, rational outlook clears away the nonsense and magical thinking. Being a person is hard. Being a good person makes being a person easier. I think you deliver on that insight.

    thank you

    1. Howard says:

      Thanks, Tahiya! I find that having the podcast makes it easier for me to identify and question my own nonsense and magical thinking – which I assure you I possess in abundance…

  3. Emily Perryman says:

    Thank you Howard for your engaging and informative podcast! I am a plant-based Dietitian and I love sharing the information that I learn from your podcast with interested family members, friends, and patients. Thanks so much for all you do!

    1. Howard says:

      Thanks, Emily, for your kind words! Where do you work? Your patients are lucky to have you!

  4. Janet says:

    Hi Howard. We finally got our IRS stimulus checks so I thought I’d chip in a little something until I can get back on the monthly Patreon donation. Keep up the good work. You’ve had a lot of great guests, and talks, the past few weeks. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say and the direction(s) your mind is going.

  5. Anthony Cook says:

    I took up vegan eating again (not eating vegans, you know what I mean) 4 years ago and then recently my chiropractor told me he’s gotten used to seeing vegan patients with connective tissue problems similar to mine (a groin strain and recurring calf pain I’ve had for a while from running/walking)
    He suggested I start eating a little meat and bone broth each day while I was recovering and now I’m no longer a vegan. Hearing your PYP with Tyson (and Glenn) makes me feel a little less guilty though. Thank you.

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